A few years ago, I acquired this Navy TDD-5 tranmsitter.  It was in excellent condition; the only modifcations made were the addition of a small, single transistor amplifier stage intended to drive the input from a low-level signal from an audio pre-amp.  The tansmitter had been modified to operate on1460kHz; it was used for a "pirate" radio station and produced about 20W of carrier.  In addition to the audio input stage, the recitifers were also removed and replaced with silicon diodes.  The transmitter oriignally utilized a Type 83 mercury vapor, full-wave rectifier for high voltage and a 5Y3 rectifier for bias voltage.  The 5Y3 tube socket was filled with epoxy and could not be cleaned.  I decided to leave the diodes in this section.  The 83 socket; however, was filed with RTV that was easy to remove.  I removed the RTV and replaced the 1N4005 diodes with an 83 tube.  The rest of the conversion is chronicalled in the following .pdf file: