The story about a group of engineers, many hams, worked around the clock to develop specialized gear to try to find survivors and, later, find the remains of the victims of the attacks.
Shortly after the attack upon the World Trade Center on 9/11/2001, I was tasked with leading a team to design, build, and rapidly deploy an instrument to try to locate survivors. The device was built and we did take it NY within a few days of the attack. Sadly, we were unable to locate any survivors. There is a much deeper story yet to be told about this endeavor. Perhaps some day I'll recant the entire experience. For now, it is still a memory filled with pain for not helping a single person yet some consolement in the fact that I tried to the best of my abilities. The hardest part was driving away from the scene at about 2AM, passing the hundreds, if not thousands of people that lined the access route holding signs of thanks to all that worked in the recovery effort, offering water, drink, food snacks, hugs, and thanks for the efforts - with the feeling that we did not deserve this for what we did. It was the Port Authority and FDNY / NYPD, the volunteers digging through the rubble, the search dog teams, and the construction workers slowly clearing the tangled mess that deserved the thanks and gratitude.
A full story will be posted here soon.......
Location: World Trade Center Lower Manhattan, NY, NY

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