Collins 30K-5 Acquisition from New Zealand
The moment of truth....did it make the 10,000 mile journey?  The crate is opened.....
Thanks to the fine packing / crating job and hard work by John Hill, ZL2AYQ, the box arrived inn perfect condition!
In January, 2009, John Hill, ZL2AYQ, contacted me after reading my website where I had mentioned, back in 2003, that I was in pusuit of a Collins 30K4 or 30K5 transmitter.  John had one in his garage for about 25 years and decided ti was time to make space for a new lathe.  He contacted me and asked if I were immediate answer was a resounding YES!  John offered it to me for a very reasonable price but I had to ship it from Wellington, NZ to the US.  The process began in mid-January, 2009 and the unit was finally available for pick-up at the end of April.  A full accounting of the process will be included below (not yet on the page), but I wish to thank John (and his wife) for all the work that went into the preparation for shipping and the actual process of shipping the unit to me.  It arrived in great shape - a few pictures are presented herein; a few more will be posted shortly.  I will also include updates on the restoration of this fine transmitter.  Click any image for larger pop-up.