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K9MOT Field Day 2007 Aerial View
               1AB QRP Operation
75M Doherty
Transmitter Project
AM Audio Autograph
Amateur Radio
Audio Processor Project
CONDUCTION COOLED 300W Doherty / Sainton AM TX
CW Ain't Dead Yet!
K9QI Amateur Radio Biography
Devils Lake EMT Communications  Explorer Post 63
Milwaukee, WI
Conversion of Navy TDD-5 to 40M AM
Goto K9VI
The T-5 Tuna Tin Tiny Tube Transmitter
QRP AM Rig Project
BTA-1R AM Broadcast Transmitter Manual
World Trade Center
Rescue and Recovery Project
Compatible Single Sideband for Amateur Use:
Exalted Sideband Operation
Collins 30K-5 Acquisition from New Zealand
Replacement Filter Boards for Amateur Radio use of the Optimod 9100 Audio Processor